Often times we as people tend to look at the issues that we face and the emotions that encompasses it as just happenstance. Certain ailments and conditions, both physically and emotionally, are deemed as being medical or psychological defects that just plague your life. However, have you considered that the reason for these problems are from within and more importantly the solutions can be found there as well?

In my research of the subject matter, I've come to realize that a lot of issues are rooted in the type of energy that we harness inside in our individual selves. Each chakra holds and is responsible for a particular energy that strongly effects a psychological and/or physical portion of us. If you have a pain in a specific part of your body...

Mostly of all us desire a balanced lifestyle: mentally, physically and spiritually. When one of these aspects are out of whack in your life, chances are its due to an imbalance. And believe it or not, oftentimes the remedy lies in realignment of the energy within yourself. 

This month I've decided to do a series on Chakras and getting a better understanding of what they are and the importance they have to each and every one of us. 

So.What is a chakra? The Sanskrit meaning breaks to being a wheel or disk. Speaking in yoga terms the wheel is one comprised of energy set throughout the physical body. There are seven main chakras which align the spine, starting from the base through the crown of the head. Each chakra contains a bundle of nerves a...

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Yoga isn't just a practice, it's a way of life

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