Divinity is defined as the state of being divine, being of, from or like God. When we rise from a place of our physical selves, certain aspects begin to pass away...fear,ego, selfishness, and others ideas begin to take form. Ideas that exudes positivity, ascension and guides us towards our greatest selves. Once you reach this level, you tap into an energy that is not of this physical world, a place of omnipresence, where there is no beginning or end. 

Sahasrara is the seventh and last chakra of the energy series; even with it being one of the last chakra it is quite possibly one of the most important of the seven primary chakras.  Appropriately named the Crown Chakra, Sahasrara is known to be our source of enlightenment and all that there is. It...

Most of us know of motivation and if you’ve lived enough life you have an understanding of it beyond general terminology. The majority of people have goals and aspirations that they want to achieve and these aspects drive us no matter how big or small it is. Motivation normally isn’t tangible, its an internal desire that can be outwardly manifested in many forms. There is an energy that surrounds this motivation. It gives it power...it gives it purpose.

TheThird chakra in the energy flow is called Manipura, also known as the Solar Plexus Chakra. Located in the abdomen area around the naval, this energy moves up to the breastbone and is responsible for our source of personal power, self esteem, warrior energy, and power of transformation. Having c...

As a creative, I often try to find different ways...methods to move through this power. Be it through the practice of yoga, in the expression of the arts, or just generally from the day to day whims of life. To know that there is a place and beyond that a vortex that pulls at each and every one where creative energy rest and flows, is vital to our understanding especially in this study of the chakras.

Svadhisthana is known as the second energy of the chakra alignment and is located directly above the pubic bone and right below the naval, surrounding genital regions as well as the hypogastric plexus.  Often called the Sacral Chakra, relating to the sacrum or apart of the spinal column that is directly with or forms a part of the pelvis and co...

Often times we as people tend to look at the issues that we face and the emotions that encompasses it as just happenstance. Certain ailments and conditions, both physically and emotionally, are deemed as being medical or psychological defects that just plague your life. However, have you considered that the reason for these problems are from within and more importantly the solutions can be found there as well?

In my research of the subject matter, I've come to realize that a lot of issues are rooted in the type of energy that we harness inside in our individual selves. Each chakra holds and is responsible for a particular energy that strongly effects a psychological and/or physical portion of us. If you have a pain in a specific part of your body...

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