'Watch your mouth and hold your teeth...'. 'There is power in the tongue...'. 'Be careful of how you speak...'. Chances are if you've heard one of these statements in this lifetime. The throat, outside of it being one of the first parts of digestive process, it is our main communicator. It is how most of us express ourselves and relay information. With it's level of significance, the energy that surrounds it is just as important.

The fifth chakra in the energy series, is known as the Throat Chakra and is the first of the three spiritual chakras. With the Sanskrit name, Vishudda, breaking down to mean 'pure' or 'purification', this chakra is related to the element of sound and encompasses the essence of faith and understanding. Through the throat...

As with anything with life there needs to be a balance. There is no truer statement when it comes to the balance within your chakras. We've discussed the many discrepancies one can experience when the 2nd Chakra also known as the Sacral Chakra is out of balance. Anything from feeling over or under emotional to depression even back pain and infertility in a physical sense can be tell tale signs of an imbalance. So healing is of the utmost importance depending the level of your blockage.

Svadhisthana is known to be the center of pleasure and when this energy is healthy and in flow, it brings about a natural and powerful feeling of intimacy within that individual. There are a variety of ways to heal or release this blockage in this chakra. To start...

When dealing with issues we tend to look at the issue itself opposed to the underlining problem that may lie. For example if you have back issues, you would say to yourself, 'it must have been the way that slept', if you find yourself upset and easily angered, you would say, 'I'm just having a bad week'.  All too quickly dismissing the issue as just happenstance and not looking too much further beyond that. But as we have discovered those physical, emotional and psychological ailments might be alluding to an imbalanced energy.

When it comes to the healing of yourself, we must first look at the energy that we are holding within.

There are a multitude of ways one can use to find balance and release the blockage that they are experiencing....

To find relaxation in discomfort....to have balance in unsteady positions...to become confident in yourself regardless of opposition. These affirmations are essentially the keys to what most would believe to be an ideal life. Yet these very affirmations are also synonymous to the practice of yoga.

I remember when I started doing yoga, a lot of the positions that the instructor placed me in that were meant to relaxing or positions of 'rest' felt worst than the harder positions. The frustrating feeling of not being able to keep my balance for more than a couple seconds at a time. And the sense of doubt in myself when I saw others doing more advanced positions with ease, thinking 'My body will NEVER be able to do that!'. But as I embraced the c...

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Yoga isn't just a practice, it's a way of life

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