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Gut Feelings: Imbalances and Healing in the Solar Plexus Chakra

The constant feeling of being down and out or in that sunken place where there is no light at the end of the tunnel, is not only depressing but a strong indication of something deeper. On the contrary, aggression, quick agitation, even being egotistical could be a sign of something similar. But regardless of what category is, all signs are pointing to imbalance.


The blockages within the Manipura Chakra can manifest in a variety ways. And as with anything there are levels to the presentation of it; in this case it being over or under-active. With an overactive chakra you can find yourself being overly critical or judgmental and easy to fault find within others. You may really stubborn or harsh, demanding even; having extreme emotional issues such as anger or aggression. You can even find that you suffer from procrastination, always making plans to do something, but never pushing towards it. Or on the flip side you can be a perfectionist where you can’t really settle on something that is good because it can always do, have, or be better. With an under-active chakra you may have a lot of doubt and generally don’t trust people that come into your life. You may be a people pleaser, believing that you not good enough, often seeking and caring significantly about what others think of you. Some can also feel lonely or afraid, or constantly evade feelings of depression and anxiety by running on autopilot. Overall the symptoms can show itself as low self esteem, codependency, inability to set or maintain boundaries, lack of self control, depression, anxiety as well as addiction. Since the Solar Plexus chakra also operates strongly in a physical sense, some common signs that can physically that occur can include but is not limited to ulcers, poor digestion, hypoglycemia, diabetes, asthma and respiratory issues, issues with your organs especially in the liver and kidney, nerve pain and/or fibromyalgia even difficulty gaining or losing weight.


We all possess the power and ability to heal ourselves, and by using visualization, by way of meditation, is one of the most effective ways to achieve that. With the chakra’s color being yellow and it being associated with fire, try to envision a golden healing flame glowing brightly just below your naval. Since the third chakra controls both the digestive system as well as your metabolism, you can awake that energy with breathing exercises. The most suggestive breathing style is known as Bhastrika breathing, where you sit comfortably with your spine tall and shoulders relaxed. Start off by breathing in and out the nose with the lips closed, then began to forcefully inhale through the nose while inflating the lower abdomen and exhaling forcefully through the nose while pressing the lower abdomen now toward the spine. You can also do yoga exercises to heal that area of yourself. Some poses include the Boat Pose, Seated Spinal Twist and the Warrior Poses. Chanting is said to be effective in the opening and alignment of the Solar Plexus chakra, with the mantra sound being RAM. As mentioned before the color that represents the Manipura is yellow or gold so any corresponding gem will help open that solar plexus and bring energy to the stomach and it’s organs such as the liver, spleen, and pancreas. Yellow topaz, as well as golden yellow labradorite and tiger eye stones are really good in helping you enhance and tap into your sense of personal power.

I cannot stress the importance of understanding yourself. Pick apart those things that make you who you are, and you’ll find that there some parts, some aspects that are damaging to the mind, body and soul. It’s your responsible to grab a hold of the positivity and instill it in yourself while weeding out the negative. It’s a decision that takes discipline but will result in a rise in creativity and above all peace. You owe it to yourself and your gut.


Afrochick Yogini

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