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Manipura: The Solar Plexus Chakra

Most of us know of motivation and if you’ve lived enough life you have an understanding of it beyond general terminology. The majority of people have goals and aspirations that they want to achieve and these aspects drive us no matter how big or small it is. Motivation normally isn’t tangible, its an internal desire that can be outwardly manifested in many forms. There is an energy that surrounds this motivation. It gives it gives it purpose.

TheThird chakra in the energy flow is called Manipura, also known as the Solar Plexus Chakra. Located in the abdomen area around the naval, this energy moves up to the breastbone and is responsible for our source of personal power, self esteem, warrior energy, and power of transformation. Having clear goals, desires, and intentions along with a strong sense of purpose and self-confidence is a great indication of the Manipura being truly in balance. Your level of determination will always be strongest when your Tejas, or your inner fire, is burning bright and in alignment. Fondly named ‘The City of Jewels’ due to its Sanskrit breakdown, mani meaning 'gem' and puri meaning 'city', the Manipura Chakra is where we will find our pearls of wisdom, clarity, and wellness. The ‘luster’ from this energy radiates down to the lower chakras as well as up to the Heart Chakra , almost as a connector between the physical and spiritual. So essentially feelings of happiness and love that come from the heart originates in the Solar Plexus and rises up accordingly.

This chakra is known to be the center of vitality. It controls our energy balance to strengthen and consolidate our health. As the seat of digestive fire, the Manipura regulates the function of the pancreas and digestive organs. The digestive fire is called Agni, which is an intelligence force within each cell, tissue, and system in our body that deciphers which substances are able to flow through or will be considered waste. The Manipura Chakra is closely connected to the pysche, and produces what most know as being “gut feelings” and can manifest itself through sensations that we feel in our stomach area or our gut.

The Solar Plexus Chakra is commonly associated with the color yellow, and it's symbol is a lotus flower with 10 petals to represent the ten pranas, or vital forces, which control and nourish all functions of the human body. An additional symbol of the Manipura is that of a triangle with its tip pointing downward. The triangle is usually a bright orange indicating the fire within as well as the spreading of energy, growth, and development, which is imperative our individual selves.

To understand the energies that reside within, is to understand life and the aspects of it. Your level of motivation and personal power could be heading towards it's zenith or dwindling down to it's lowest point, depending on your balance of the Manipura. So if you're lifted in spirits, keep towards the heavens however if you're hurt down to your core, what time is now to start taking steps towards healing.


Afrochick Yogini

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