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'It Don't Feel Right...' Svadhisthana Imbalances (Chakra Series)

Do I struggle with being open to positive change? Do I feel so much fear that I become overwhelmed? Am I detached or disconnected from certain aspects of life? Do I feel completely depressed as if life really has no purpose? Answering yes to any one of these questions can mean that there is an imbalance in your Svadhisthana or the Sacral Chakra. As with anything, most people chock these issues up to it just being a bad day, week, month...year or some horrible coincidence of life. However, once you understand that barely anything in life is happenstance or a coincidence you'll begin to learn to look under the surface to find the answers.

When the sacrum is out of alignment, one can feel as if you've lost control of life and you're not able to catch your breath. Others may become stoic and unemotional, overly emotional, feel insecure, uncertain or feel unable to cope with all of the changes of life. Feelings of detachment and rigidness towards the idea of positivity and enlightenment are just a couple of symptoms of a blockage within the Sacral Chakra. A lack of self esteem and/or self worth can be truly detrimental and even cause one to become involved in a string of emotionally, mentally and even physically abusive and damaging relationships.

An imbalance can manifest in a physical form and is generally confined to the lower abdomen area, back, reproductive and digestive organs. So if you feel symptoms such as constipation, back pain, urinary and kidney infections, abnormal menstruation, gynecological cysts (benign or otherwise), infertility and/or impotence, you may have a serious blokage. Psychologically these symptoms can come through as depression, low self esteem, jealousy, insecurity, and fear. The 2nd Chakra is directly connected to your sexual center, so its not unheard of for somebody dealing with a blockage to experience sexual dysfunction including but not limited to a low or nonexistent libido, premature ejaculation, or an inability to even achieve an orgasm.

Once you realize that a lot of your ailments and conditions are stemming from something deeper than a medical issue, you'll begin to learn where your energy lies. Blockages in your flow can also block happiness, success, love and whatever blessing may come your way. With that ideology that should cause an awakening within yourself to make a change, and it does start with you and you only. It's great to have a support system but no amount of support can remove the imbalance that you feel within yourself. You have to make a decision to want to change, to want to become the best version of yourself. And if you are unwilling to make alterations where needed don't expect anything of significance to ever come about. Make the change people.


Afrochick Yogini

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