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Svadhisthana: Tap Into Your Creativity (Chakra Series)

As a creative, I often try to find different ways...methods to move through this power. Be it through the practice of yoga, in the expression of the arts, or just generally from the day to day whims of life. To know that there is a place and beyond that a vortex that pulls at each and every one where creative energy rest and flows, is vital to our understanding especially in this study of the chakras.

Svadhisthana is known as the second energy of the chakra alignment and is located directly above the pubic bone and right below the naval, surrounding genital regions as well as the hypogastric plexus. Often called the Sacral Chakra, relating to the sacrum or apart of the spinal column that is directly with or forms a part of the pelvis and consists of five fused vertebrae. The adrenal gland is the endocrine gland is associated with this energy and that controls the metabolism as well as the immune system.

The Sanskrit word, Svadhisthana, breaks down into two words, "Swa" which means 'one's own' and Adhisthana' which means 'abode' or 'seat', so when put together it comes to mean 'ones own abode' or some others may also define it as 'the dwelling place of the self'.

The symbol for Svadhisthana is the black lotus represented in the form of a vermillion, or a bright red or scarlet, colored flower that has petals unfolding from the center. Starting clockwise, there are six Sanskrit letters written on the petals, one of the letters represents the water elements of the chakra which is more closely associated with the sacral energy. The water element equates to cohesiveness and peace, and is thought to be feminine, lunar, and passive. The Svadhisthana Chakra is what rules the creative and sexual portions of ourselves.

A balanced Sacral chakra will produce feelings of wellness, abundance, joy and pleasure and brings about an emotional and creative balance. With our innate nature to create as humans, this idea is not just limited to procreation; whenever we take raw materials, be it physical or mental, and transform it into something new, we are using our creative energies. This could include cooking, gardening, building, etc. Depending on what creative force might be driving us, we begin to feel open and free in that particular aspect of life.

An understanding of the energy that resides within all of us, will allow for us to get in alignment with the precise way that it ought to function. Seeing where our creative forces exude their power from is as equally important. May that force always be with you.


Afrochick Yogini

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