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Muladhara -What is your Imbalance? (Chakra Series)

Often times we as people tend to look at the issues that we face and the emotions that encompasses it as just happenstance. Certain ailments and conditions, both physically and emotionally, are deemed as being medical or psychological defects that just plague your life. However, have you considered that the reason for these problems are from within and more importantly the solutions can be found there as well?

In my research of the subject matter, I've come to realize that a lot of issues are rooted in the type of energy that we harness inside in our individual selves. Each chakra holds and is responsible for a particular energy that strongly effects a psychological and/or physical portion of us. If you have a pain in a specific part of your body or you're experiencing an emotional lapse of some sort, it is possible that that your chakras may be out of whack.

The Muladhara, is known for its feminine energy being in relation to procreation and Mother Earth, as well as birth and receiving unconditional love from your parents or guardians in the beginning of your life. It is also deemed to be the place where your physical energy, vitality and instinct are born from and your Kundalini, or pure desire, rises. This energy governs the functioning of the lower body, such as the bladder, kidney, lower spine and back; in an emotional and mental sense, it governs confidence and your survival or your "fight or flight" instincts. When your experiencing an imbalance or a blockage within this specific chakra, certain signs can manifest. Physically, these signs can show up as constipation, eating fatigue, anemia, sciatica, back pain or as eating disorders. Emotionally you may feel angry, short-tempered, aggressive, insecure, impatient, and/or have the feeling of being stuck. Mentally-speaking, some common symptoms that one may experience is the constant challenge of your primary needs not being met. If you have issues paying your bills, or putting food on the table or even having steady housing. If you have looming feelings of insecurity, like you don't feel safe and stable in your environment or the world. If your main motivating factor is based in fear, you may exclusively decisions based on a "fight or flight" complex. All of these are examples of a blockage in the root chakra.

And while these all are prominent issues, we need to see the importance in the imbalance, as it brings light to the fact there is a problem. Now we can begin to work on a solution, an answer so that these malignant situations don't end up tainting the true beauty of life. Healing can not begin until we first admit that we are hurt, we are wounded, and that we need some freaking help! So let's discover the issue, so we can uncover the answer. Stay tuned.


Afrochick Yogini

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