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Muladhara- The Root (Chakra Series)

Pronounciation: Mull- Lud- Hara

Otherwise known as the root chakra, this the first of the Chakras of Matter or energies based in the physical. This particular energy is located at the base of the spine, by the pelvic floor within the first three vertebrae, and is said to be responsible for our sense of safety and security. The word Muladhara, breaks down into two Sanskrit words; Mula meaning "root" and Adhara which means "support" or "base". The root chakra is commonly comprised of whatever grounds you to the stability within your own personal life. This would include basic needs such as food, water, shelter, and safety. It also includes your more emotional needs such as fears and your ability or lack thereof of letting them go. When these needs are met, we tend to feel more grounded and safe, and less anxious and worried on a daily basis.

Balance within the root chakra creates a solid foundation for opening up all other chakras. If you need to imagine the importance of the root, think about it in the sense of laying a foundation for your home. This solid foundation will provide the stability that you will need to be able to be steady within your home for years to come. The stronger your foundation, the more solid and secure you feel , however if you foundation is weak or built on unsteady grounds, your sense of security will constantly feel like its fleeting, which will show up as a blockage within the root.

Grasping the importance of the chakras, starting from the base will solidify your understanding of not only yourself but of how the environment around you also affects you. In the next blog we'll discuss more in depth the imbalances within the Muladhara chakra and different ways of healing and finding true balance.

Stay tuned!

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