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The Practice of Yoga Unlocks the Secret to Life

To find relaxation in have balance in unsteady become confident in yourself regardless of opposition. These affirmations are essentially the keys to what most would believe to be an ideal life. Yet these very affirmations are also synonymous to the practice of yoga.

I remember when I started doing yoga, a lot of the positions that the instructor placed me in that were meant to relaxing or positions of 'rest' felt worst than the harder positions. The frustrating feeling of not being able to keep my balance for more than a couple seconds at a time. And the sense of doubt in myself when I saw others doing more advanced positions with ease, thinking 'My body will NEVER be able to do that!'. But as I embraced the challenges that I faced with the practice, I became more comfortable, more balanced, more confident. But interestingly enough, I also became more comfortable in life when I was faced with difficult moments. I became more balanced when things weren't steady. I become confident in myself against a world that wants you to be otherwise. I realized that although yoga is great for stretching your body; the practice of it, the process of it, also stretches your mind, your spirit, your ability to endure in places of pressure.

We often believe that situations need to become better first, before we can change our perspective of it, but I'm finding that more often than not you first need to change your perspective of the situation before it can become better. Just like in yoga, the positions didn't change...the downward facing dog is still the downward facing dog, but your perspective of it has been altered because your belief in your ability to do it has been changed. In order for any change to happen, it takes a level of determination, tenacity, discipline but above of all it takes purpose. True change can not place if there is no purpose behind the intent. Understand your intentions, find out your purpose and BELIEVE in it (even if you are the only one), change your perspective about what you think is impossible, and apply it. Through your discipline of application, you too can find ease in discomfort, balance in unsteadiness, and confidence in insecurities.

So as we creep further into this new year, let's achieve real happiness by coming into a new understanding and resolve to always stay on the path of self love, knowledge and purpose not only for this year but years to come.


Afrochick Yogini

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