Individual/Group Services

  • Dolo/Duo Private Sessions

  • Private Group Sessions

  • AfroFit Health & Wellness Membership

Afrochick Online Market

  • AfroFit Private Online Sessions

  • Tap N2 Ur Trap Mastermind Course

Speciality Services

(*Businesses & other institutions)

  • Kid Yogi Program

  • Y.Y.T. (Young Yogis in Training) Program

  • #T.E.A.M. Yogi

   Styles of Yoga Taught Include:
Easy Flow Vinyasa
Partner Yoga
Kids Yoga
Mommy/Daddy & Me Yoga
Chair Yoga
Trap Yoga
   *All styles are taught at a beginner level

Health & Wellness Workshops

  • The Yoga Life Balance

  • Afrochick Chakra Series

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