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AfroFit Private Online Sessions

 The AfroFit Private Online Sessions are one on one private yoga & meditation sessions that are customized to fit your personal health and fitness needs and it can now be done in the comfort of your own home!

The online sessions can be prerecorded or done virtually and include the following:

  • A minimum of 4 weekly sessions per month

  • Up to 45 minutes of customized yoga instruction

  • Up to 15 minutes of guided meditation 

  • An initial and followup Physical and Nutritional Assessment

  • Weekly assessments after each session

  • Up to 2 customized Healthy Eating & Living Guides a month

All sessions are beginner level and taught by certified yoga instructor/owner Shawnell Tillery, with a variety of yoga styles that can be taught during sessions. Click here to sign up for your FREE consultation! 

Tap N2 Ur Trap Workshop Course

'TapN2 Ur Trap' is a comprehensive online master course and yoga class mixed in one! The course is integrative as it uses the fundamentals of yoga, meditation and mindfulness to gain an authentic understanding of the inner workings of the mind helping you find your 'Inner G' and really start living your best life!  

The 'Tap N2 Ur Trap' Master course will help you discover the hidden treasures that you have down on the inside of you bringing you into alignment with  your purpose allowing you to tap into the best version of YOU!

Pre-registration for the course will open soon however if you are interested in being on the email list for the course, please click here!

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