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Have you seen our latest feature with Buffalo Rising? Founder and Owner Afrochick Yoga, LLC. Shawnell Tillery was interviewed for Buffalo Rising's 'Project Best Self' Series. In the interview she talks about the yoga journey and how Afrochick is blazing a new path on it.

“I saw the immediate effect it had on me, physically, of course, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I felt such a charge from it that I immediately started thinking that everybody needs something like this. Everybody is going through their own individual things in life, and sometimes we need a break from it all, and that’s what yoga and meditation is actually able to do.”

Afrochick Yoga is a mobile studio that services clients where they are and provides individual attention in the comfort of their home. Tillery wanted to create a safe space for people, to help them find their own way of connecting to their practice in a natural and organic way, as “not everybody’s going to connect to the practice the same way.”


Click Here to check out the full interview!

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